Oakland Counseling Association

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Meaningful Transition: How Counselors and

Special Educators Connect to Support

Post-secondary Success

Facilitated by Matt Korolden, MS LLP, Transition Consultant, Oakland Schools


Help bridge the gap between your regular and special education student services.  Join the Oakland Counseling Association for an event dedicated to uncovering how to encourage, and support, the post secondary goals of your special needs populations.  Learn how to enhance, or rediscover, your role to become an integral part of the IEP transition planning team. Hear from speakers and community organizations who will provide you with the knowledge, and resources, to assist in the development of quality transition plans for your students with special needs.



· Postsecondary Destinations, ADA/504 vs IDEA

· School and Community Resources

· Pathways to Exit – Programs of Study, Counseling and Transition

· Processes – EDP and Transition Plan Development, Personal  

     Curriculum Options

· Student Scenarios and the Role of the School Counselor

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